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InMach’s innovative strength comes to full fruition in our customers’ machines and applications.

Autonomous machines & service robotics

Autonomous machines and service robots are nowadays used in many applications. We have many years of experience in this field and accompany our customers through all phases of product development, supplying navigation software, sensors, actuators and control electronics for the series production of these autonomous helpers. A small selection of application examples show our innovative strength.


Cleaning robot: Adlatus CR700

ADLATUS Robotics develops and produces autonomous service robots for the commercial cleaning sector at its Ulm site. The intelligent processing of sensor data by powerful controllers of InMach enables advanced navigation, even in complex environments.
An interplay of different sensors ensures stability in navigation and brings collision avoidance to a performance level that meets global standards.

HORSCH, Automatic Boom Control

HORSCH is a leading global manufacturer of innovative agricultural technology and modern solutions for tillage, seeding and crop protection. With BoomControl Pro, Horsch revolutionises boom control in crop protection and enables precise and smooth spray boom guidance above the crop. In this development, InMach Intelligente Maschinen GmbH was able to make full use of its strengths in cross-technology system development.

GEA, autonomer Fütterungsroboter

With the GEA DairyFeed F4500, GEA launched an autonomous feeding robot on the market in 2022, consistently pursuing its focus on automation and digital solutions. InMach Intelligente Maschinen contributed its expertise in environmental sensing and navigation in particular to the development of the new feeding robot.