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InMach – the technology company

The Ulm-based technology company InMach Intelligente Maschinen GmbH celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

In 2003, the company emerged from the FAW Ulm research institute led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher and, after its first years in the Sciencepark and many years of activity, settled at the traditional site of the Kässbohrerwerke in Ulm’s Weststadt. Since 2019, the company has been located in Ulm’s Danube Valley. This offered expansion opportunities for the company and, at the same time, space for the series production of controllers that are supplied to renowned robot and commercial vehicle manufacturers, such as Magirus, Horsch, GEA, AGCO/FENDT or also Pistenbully (Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG), for series equipment.

The qualified employees of all company divisions develop, realise and implement innovative solutions for customers using the latest technologies. The interdisciplinary development team with core competencies in software development, electronics and engineering is currently being significantly expanded due to the strong demand in the growth markets of service robotics and intelligent machines, especially in agricultural technology.

Matthias Strobel, Managing Director of InMach Intelligente Maschinen GmbH, explains:

InMach is widely known as an expert for autonomous working machines and robots. Few people are aware that InMach acts as a system supplier for OEMs and provides its customers with innovations and unique selling points. In particular, the technological expertise and ability to combine our own software and electronics with high-performance components from our brand partners is the key to success. Our solutions already provide answers to the questions of the future.


Development competence

InMach is one of the technology leaders in the areas of driver assistance systems for commercial vehicles, control systems for service robots and intelligent sensor control systems, right through to autonomous driving of mobile working machines and robots.

The development of solutions for the safe and efficient operation of intelligently controlled driver assistance systems, autonomous working machines and robotics is a core competence.

Thus, an experienced team of specialists works to create the conditions for safe and efficient operation. The direct control and monitoring of hardware components or sensor data through embedded software are just as much a part of the range of services as programming solutions in the field of robotics.

Many machines should be able to perform tasks as independently as possible, be operated intuitively and be networked with each other. Machines that work in the direct vicinity of machines demand a particularly high level of safety.

Functional safety is an important aspect in the development of new, intelligent solutions.

We don’t make machines – but we make your machine more intelligent promises InMach Intelligente Maschinen GmbH – with a highly qualified team of software and hardware development specialists, both new machine generations and existing machines can be equipped with new functions and control systems.


Manufacturing competence

According to Ralf Schrempp, responsible Global Sales Director at
InMach, the message “Control systems powered by intelligence!”
sums up the company’s core competence. As a partner for innovative, customised solutions, the company focuses on the core competence fields of electronics, sensors, connectivity and displays, from product development and programming to series-ready production.

High-quality and high-performance hardware solutions are either developed individually within the framework of customer projects, precisely targeted to the specific requirements, or the customers fall back on existing hardware solutions that have been specially developed to meet the exponentially growing demand for intelligent control electronics, sensor technology and telematics on the market.

Control units





As InMach Intelligente Maschinen GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001, our customers can rely on the fact that we comply with all guidelines and test features of the standard. In this way we ensure that our products, services and processes meet high standards.
Our products and services are safe, reliable and of high quality. Procedures to reduce waste or defects and increase our productivity are actively used.

With the certified quality management system (QM system) according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we ensure understandable, transparent and optimised work processes and focus on customer requirements.