Software Engineering

InMach’s innovative strength comes to full fruition in our customers’ machines and applications.

Software engineering is a significant area of expertise at InMach. Here, an experienced team of highly qualified specialists works with dedication to create the conditions for safe and efficient operation in hybrid drive technology.

Our team’s expertise does not only include the direct control and monitoring of hardware components, but also the development and implementation of embedded software. Our developers have extensive know-how and experience in programming software that is able to react quickly and precisely to events or sensor data. This is how we ensure that our drive technology is always up to date and performs optimally.

We also offer our customers programming solutions in the field of robotics. We understand the growing importance of robotics in the modern economy and specialise in using our expertise and experience in this field to provide our customers with innovative and customised solutions

Our focus is on providing our clients with world-class software solutions tailored to their needs. We pride ourselves on keeping our team on the cutting edge of technology and continually expanding their skills and knowledge to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.