Special electronics with sensors


Powerful control unit for ultrasonic sensors


With the ISY UM 2, up to twelve Bosch ultrasonic sensors can be individually evaluated.

Driver assistance

  • With up to 12 sensors, you can measure your environment with the ISY UM 2 in a level of detail that enables complex driver assistance systems. Optimally combinable with our ISY ADAS control system.
  • With the InMach ISY UM 2 system, up to 12 Bosch ultrasonic sensors of generation 4 and 5 can be individually evaluated. If 12 ultrasonic sensors are not sufficient, several control units can be connected in parallel and synchronised.
  • The system allows distance measurement from sensor to object or from sensor to sensor. Furthermore, cross and multiple echo evaluations can be carried out.
  • In order to enable a high degree of flexibility for a wide variety of applications,
    individual measurement jobs can be carried out. These can be changed dynamically during operation or stored in a static job list.
  • Various synchronisation options are available for starting measurement jobs. Communication with a higher-level control unit takes place via a CAN interface. Via the CAN interface, the system can be fully configured and individually adapted to the desired application.
  • The InMach ISY UM 2 is available as a CANopen variant, J1939, ISOBUS or customer-specific. It is intended as a retrofit and OEM solution.